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The West Fargo Park District’s mission is to provide opportunities for citizens to enjoy their leisure time in our public parks, facilities and programs which support physical, mental and social development that contributes to the quality of life. In support of our mission, the Park District enforces a Behavior Code of Conduct for all participants, staff, coaches, officials, parents, volunteers and guest’s (aka PARK and FACILITY PATRONS) participating in a Park District program, attending a class or event, or using District facilities or park properties. The Code of Conduct policy holds its staff, its facilities & parks and programs to the highest level of behavioral standards in order to provide the best overall experience while ensuring the safety and comfort of all involved.

All PARK and FACILITY PATRONS are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times and are required to make themselves informed and aware of this Behavior Code of Conduct, as well as any other rules and behavior expectations developed for specific programs, events, parks and facilities as deemed necessary by the West Fargo Park District.

The West Fargo Park District insists that all PARK and FACILITY PATRONS shall comply with the following basic behavior:

  1. Show respect to all participants, staff, coaches, officials, parents, volunteers and guests. By following Park District program, park and facility rules and take direction from District staff.
  2. Refrain from using abusive or foul language.
  3. Refrain from threatening or causing bodily harm to self and or PARK and FACILITY PATRONS.
  4. Refrain from causing damage to property of others and District assets, such as equipment, supplies, parks and facilities.
  5. Not possess any weapons, except in instances where equipment is needed for participation in program, such as trapshooting and archery.
  6. Uphold the rules, regulations and policies of the West Fargo Park District. Failure to follow the West Fargo Park District Behavior Code of Conduct may result in immediate removal, suspension or trespass (with final determination by the Executive Director) as related to the severity of the offense of the PARK and FACILITY PATRONS from the program, event, park or facility.