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Youth Activities

Get out and Play!


We have Baseball and T-Ball leagues to help your child learn participation, skills, development and fun!

We have Basketball for beginners which focuses on ball handling, shooting, rebounding, defensive footwork and participate in shooting and ball handling drills. We also have boys and girls basketball league which will seek to develop and promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork and skill development with emphasis on having fun.

We offer Summer and Fall Soccer to help teach your child participation, skills, development and fun!

Youth track is offered weekly in the spring at the Veterans Memorial Arena. The activities are free, open to boys and girls ages 3-8, and no registration is required. Each week three track activities will be held for youth to participate in.

The West Fargo Park District offers youth volleyball camps and clinics for boys and girls grades K-6th. Participants will be taught basic fundamentals such as serving, hitting, passing, blocking and setting. We also offer a girls volleyball league for grades 3rd-6th.

Participants learn basic tennis skills including forehand, backhand and serving. Emphasis on easy to learn games and drills.

This Softball League is for girls ages 9-12 years. This league’s focus is on fun, participation and skill development.

This program is an introduction to shooting sports. The primary course objectives include instruction of safe air gun handling practices, sight alignment, trigger control and an introduction to international style shooting events.

Flag Football league is a recreational, non-competitive league designed for the participant to have fun and learn the basic skills of flag football.

Skaters will work on balance, edge work, forward and backward skating and many other skating skills.


Youth will work with sketching materials, paints and pastels while implementing and developing drawing/painting skills.

Use your creativity and make funky works of art with a variety of kid safe items.

Your kiddos will be singing, laughing, dancing and jumping around, all while learning about music…counting, notes, pitch, rhythm, etc.

Creativity, social skills, goal achievement, communication skills and self-esteem are all characteristics that are attained through the participation in this unique, educational program.


This class will explore the many ways these sciences impact the things you do everyday.


We will teach your child the basic fundamentals of sports including teamwork, participation, basic skills and more.

These programs targets personal growth, creativity and imaginative thinking.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of music through singing, movement, marching and rhythm while playing with different musical instruments.