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Skating Lessons


A curriculum that o­ffers something for everyone—from the first steps on the ice to mastering advanced techniques. Solid skill development based on the ABCs of basic athleticism—Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. A progressive system that, upon completion of the program, allows skaters to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating.

Skaters will work on balance, edge work, forward and backward skating and many other skills.  Read Level descriptions for more details. Lessons are open to ages 2 to Adult.  Skate rental is not available.

Through the programs provided, you will receive a yearly membership to Learn to Skate USA which is the only skating program endorsed by U.S Figure Skating, USA Hockey and U.S. Speedskating. Once the Recreation Specialist inputs a roster for the Learn to Skate sessions below, participants will receive an email welcoming you to Learn to Skate USA and you will receive a password to log into the website to have access to all the benefits below. A Learn to Skate app is also available to use.

Other Benefits Members/Participants Receive:

  • Instruction from background-screened and certified instructors.
  • Instruction that follows a standardized curriculum founded in solid and fun skill progression.
  • A welcome packet that includes Learn to Skate USA The Magazine, a Parent Handbook and Record Book to keep track of your progress in classes.
  • Access to a full listing of skating programs in our area.
  • Access to online educational material for skaters and parents.
  • Secondary sports accident insurance.
  • Email communications with upcoming events and educational information.
  • The opportunity to participate in classes, performances, competitions and all Learn to Skate USA activities.

Snowplow Sam 1-4/Intro Hockey (Ages 2-6)
This level is recommended if skater needs assistance getting across the ice or falls often. Instruction includes getting up from a fall, marching in place and forward marching. An adult must participate during class with their child.

Basic 1-2 (Ages 5-17)
This level is recommended if the skater can make it across the rink without assistance. Skaters will learn skating and gliding forward, stopping, two-foot hops, bubbles and backward skating and gliding. Skaters will learn the skills of full stroke skating and crossover skating.

Basic 3-4 (Ages 5-17)
This level is recommended for skaters who have passed Basic Level 1 & 2. Skaters will learn backward two-foot spins, one-foot backward glides and backward snowplow stops.

Basic 5-6 (Ages 5-17)
This level is recommended for skaters who have passed Basic Level 3 & 4. Skaters will learn backward crossovers, advanced two foot spins turns, t-stops, bunny hops, forward spirals and hockey stops.

Adult (18 and up)
This level is recommended for adult skaters who are just learning to skate up to adults who know how to skate but want to learn more in depth skating techniques. Skaters will learn basic marching, wiggles, swizzles, forward and backward skating to two-foot turns, two-foot spins, forward and backward crossovers, t-stops and hockey stops.

Pre-Free Skate – Free Skate 6 (Ages 5-17)
Pre-Free Skate or Higher Free Skate levels is only for skaters who have passed Basic 6. Pre-Free Skate will learn backward crossovers to a backward outside edge glide and other various crossover steps, one-foot upright spin and Mazurka and Waltz jumps. Higher Free Skate Levels you start learning power stroking, upright spins, half flip and toe loop jumps, half lutz and salchow jumps, etc.

Check the Cancellation Line at 701-551-7138 for the most current weather-related and other schedule updates.

Skating lessons are offered in the Fall and Winter. For specific dates, times and registration information click on Register Online button.